Production product made of technical textiles in a special size

Skill in the craft is the foundation

Individual & solution-focussed products made of technical textiles

We are a fresh, innovative company of the technical textile manufacturing sector. Our core competence is in the processing of woven tarpaulins and the development of functional, future focussed products for industry and skilled crafts and trades.

Detailed knowledge about material and processing enable new solution approaches

The company was founded in 2005 in Großsolt, Schleswig-Holstein and also beyond this we have long-term experience as tarpaulin saddlers. Thus we know the material behaviour, the load capacity as well as the artisanal requirements in the processing of technical textiles up into the smallest detail. We know the consistency of the material and know how to process it so that it does not lose any of its sturdiness. That is why we can manufacture conventional woven tarpaulin products in best quality for our customers. Likewise, we are in a position to develop new product worlds and solution approaches for you from this supposedly conventional material.

“our focus is on the functionality and quality of our woven tarpaulin products”

That is why we put special attention on the high quality of our products. Beginning with the choice of the materials to be processed up to the final quality control before the delivery to our customers. We exclusively use materials from reliable partner companies who stand for the quality of their products just as we do. Thus we ensure that they sustain our requirements and those of our customers. Due to the extreme load requirements, we have metal fittings with high breaking load exclusively manufactured in small batches for our production in Schleswig-Holstein.
Our team is technically adept and continuously receives further training to integrate innovations of the branch in our work process and further expand our range.
We practice hand in hand control which secures our quality standard in each working step and at the same time promotes the internal development process. We offer you individual tarpaulin products which we manufacture in our workshop in Schleswig-Holstein.
Thanks to the cooperation with a strong partner company from the Hamburg area, we can increase our production capacity uncomplicatedly and quickly according to need if necessary. The completion stage and the final quality control remain of course in our hands.

We work cross-sector and keenly take on new challenges. Thus in recent years, we have become the leading supplier for the wind energy industry and know the most diverse requirements for our woven tarpaulin products.
Our international customer base comes from the various branches of the energy sector, building sector, shipping, logistics companies, agriculture, event construction and of course also from our neighbourhood.
We manufacture individual and solution-focussed products in small batches as well as in large contingents for you. Due to our open company structure, we can handle orders quickly and uncomplicatedly.

„new challenges help us to continue growing”

The location Großsolt near Flensburg is an ideal basis for our production plant. Our building, a former dairy, offers sufficient space for the technical facilities and manufacture of technical textiles also in special sizes.
A spacious outdoor area is available for the tarpauling of the utility vehicles.
A well-developed infrastructure ensures we can carry on planning into the future. Already in preparation is the plant extension by 6.000  m² next year. We have a lot to do!

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