assembly of the rotor hub to the gondola, hub tarpaulin for wind energy sector

Picture source: Senvion

We protect people and technology

Safety and quality are our standard

We have the know-how for the consistency of the materials to be processed and the craftsmanship to develop new functional products made of technical textiles – aligned to your individual requirements especially for you as well as in standard or in special sizes.

A well-constructed network of strong suppliers enables us to consistently develop our products further

Woven tarpaulin products have to withstand many different strains during their use. So that functionality and safety are guaranteed at any time, we put increased value on the quality of the materials as well as on the quality of the working in the development and production.
We exclusively purchase the materials to be processed from brand manufacturers and have a large part of these be especially manufactured for our requirements in special productions. These for example include the metal fittings with a higher breaking load, CFC pipes and PU coils and straps with a breaking load of over 30 t.


Every member of our staff masters handling each machine and each single hand movement in production. Thus in production, we ensure the consistently high standard of our products due to the craftsmanship qualification and mutual control.
Especially important processing steps are the sewing and welding of the technical textiles. In order not to overheat woven tarpaulin, straps and sewing thread during sewing, we use industrial sewing machines with needle cooling system. With connections especially under strain, finally the PVC tarpaulin is additionally welded to protect the seam. For this according to requirements of the tarpaulin product, we offer both hot-air welding and high-frequency welding. Both welding processes ensure a very high seam strength.

Formerly we have drawn up the calculations for the processing of complex tarpaulin systems internally and the cutting prepared in our workshop or on our courtyard. Today beforehand we have a system geometry to calculate the statics, the stability and the material forming drawn up. Thus each detail remains controllable and adjustable during the entire development process up to the production.

The determination of the double curved membrane surface geometry, the static calculation and the cutting ensue with the FEM programme system EASY of Technet GmbH. Mathematical basis of the calculations is the balance determination (form finding) based on the force density method. Under load stress membranes are subjected to strong deformation, so that all calculations are carried out non-linear.
Therefore a superposition of load case results is not possible.
The cutting i.e. the planing of the spatial structure is ascertained under consideration of the biaxial material behaviour in warp and woof direction (compensation), so that the desired form and pre-stress are reached for the membrane in built in condition.
Source: Gunnar Zapf, zapf & co. – structural engineering GmbH


On wish we measure the objects needing tarpaulins for covering ourselves. We have completed further training as industrial climber especially for this task field. Thus we can find the exact measurements for your individual tarpaulin both on the ground as also in great heights. In addition, we offer you as a special service the first installation of the tarpaulin together with you. So that later every manual action is perfect.

New product developments are subjected to various stress tests before they leave our company. Our supporting and lifting woven tarpaulins for heavy loads have been tested and certified by the DEKRA. We are playing it safe for you!

Type label, tarpaulins Planen Service Angeln with application of the CE label

„Our service range also includes the printing and the repair of the woven tarpaulins purchased from us”

For the concluding individualisation, we print the woven tarpaulins on wish with your image.
All products manufactured by us are purchased including any incurring repairs.
Your trust is important for us, which is why despite constant changes on the market we try to keep our prices always 1 - 2 years constant for you.
We look forward to your new challenges for us!

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